Your support is fundamental to our mission. The MAAC Ambassador Programme outlines several ways in which you can choose to become involved with MAAC, and several options that will accommodate an artist's demanding schedule. It's not about which tier you choose initially, it's about making the important decision to take part.

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SUPPORT VIA social media channels

This is a minimally involved way of showing your support and spreading the word to your fans. Creating awareness is as important as the donation itself and is greatly appreciated.


Posting a custom MAAC logo designed with the artists face in place of the MAAC Gorilla with the hashtag #MAACambassador & links to the MAAC site.

Wearing MAAC branded attire during performances. This shows support and promotes fundraising by encouraging fans to purchase MAAC merch.


support via participation

This tier is specifically designed to leverage the artist's “celebrity” as a tool and resource to raise awareness and to solicit donations from others.


In addition to simply posting the MAAC logo across socials, this tier would ask that artists participate in initiatives such as donating their brand to merchandise produced by MAAC to raise funds - i.e. an Art Department for MAAC cap, or an #MAACambassador T-shirt depicting an artist’s face. In the case of apparel the design would be a unique collaboration between the artist and MAAC to produce a limited edition piece.

This could also be achieved in the form of signed memorabilia like artists' headphones or records to be auctioned off via the MAAC website. Participation simply means donating time or other resources to the cause if called upon and requires no financial contribution.

MAAC will also produce the first in a series of compilation albums in 2018 that will see several artists donate music to be compiled and sold with 100% of proceeds donated to our chosen organizations.





Of course donations from our ambassadors are welcome and appreciated  in any amount. Spreading awareness is our first priority in hopes of connecting with the community and inspiring contributions and support. News and updates on specific missions and initiatives will be provided via the MAAC site so that everyone can see exactly where their money is going and just how much your donation is helping in real time. * Note that all donations are tax deductible.


Monetary donation from Ambassador


Support Via Funding A Mission

This is an opportunity for the artist to get hands on with wildlife conservation and to gain a deeper understanding of the current climate guided by Nile Culture or Tears for Tigers. Whether it be radio collaring a lion or tiger, notching a rhino, or camera trapping snow leopard, the artists support will aid in collecting valuable research data to support the local ecosystem, as well as help to keep the animals accounted for and safe from poaching.


Artist may inquire with MAAC as to which conservancies may be seeking funding for a particular mission at the time of inquiry. In this instance MAAC facilitate the funding of the mission by the artist and provide news in the form of a real time story through that can be shared via the artist's social if they so choose. All news around this initiative would highlight the artist funding of the mission





There are many ways to educate and create awareness and this is a significant contribution. You have the ability to help spread the word and make the public, and your fans aware of the  dangers that animals face everywhere in the world today. Sharing content that MAAC provides via on a daily bases consisting of news, petitions, and heartbreaking information can be a powerful tool. That very thing is what drove the founders of MAAC to take action and create this organization. Many artists are followed and admired by tens of thousands, even millions who will listen if you chose to be heard. Animals need our help as many face extinction and horrific mistreatment at the hands of human greed.


 Share important information, create your own short videos asking your fans for help, document moments from trips to sanctuaries or tours in Africa. Every bit counts!




(INDEPENDENT OF MAAC)   Support via performance is a more aggressive way for an artist who is extremely passionate about wildlife conservation and cruelty towards animals to get involved and make a difference.

This initiative is the highest tier and encompasses several of the other tiers into one: raising awareness, funds, and support from the music community in different parts of the world. There are two ways in which to activate this tier.


would see the artist/promotor/brand  take the initiative to create their own MAAC fundraising event as follows ;  Artist/Promotor would arrange (in co-operation with MAAC) for their own event to be produced as a fundraiser. in this instance, all promotional material would be organized and provided by MAAC as well as PR around the event -  showcasing the efforts made by the artist and or promotor. Donations can be raised in the following ways.

ARTIST fee donation

PR would center around the artist as the key organizer of the fundraiser in support of MAAC, making them a “Tier A Ambassador” and the focus of all PR around the event & via MAAC media platforms

PROMOTOR (club/brand) 

Promotor would agree to donate a portion of proceeds from the event (minimum donation required based on capacity and ticket price). This would showcase the event organizers efforts to support wildlife conservation without the artists involvement making them a “Brand Ambassador” in all PR and via MAAC media platforms.

ARTIST & PROMOTER (club/brand) - “match me” donation 

Promotor would agree to match the portion of artist's booking fee donated by the artist. this brings everyone involved in the event together in a united effort to raise as much money and awareness as possible form the event. this would mean that PR would showcase support form both the artist and the promotor (club/brand) as “Tier A Ambassadors”


MAAC merchandise sold on site and in lead up to the event.


support via maac events

Support via performing at an international MAAC event would be considered to be “Tier A” involvement. Again this is a selfless and aggressive initiative where artists are able to not only raise awareness via support across their socials, they are asked to donate their time in order to raise significant funds for MAAC.


This contribution would entail performing at an international MAAC event for no fee (travel expenses & accommodations are paid for by MAAC). While we have begun to produce these events with exclusively electronic artists in clubs and smaller venues, our goal is to produce larger scale events and festivals and to garner support from the music industry at large, inclusive of all genres and music communities. Your contribution would make you a “Tier A” Ambassador


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Guerilla Tactics

This concept was set up and appropriately named "Guerrilla tactics” due to the nature of this initiative - 

At MAAC we’re not only passionate about wildlife conservation, but also about protecting all animals who we share this planet with, and who are too often subject to abuse and cruelty. We have set up "Guerrilla Tactics” in support of artists who are inspired to “go rogue” and work to raise awareness and funds to provide urgent help where possible outside of MAACs regular initiatives.

 In our research we often come across opportunities to support other organization who may be looking for urgent financial support for a mission. Through our networks and relationships with like-minded organizations we are constantly made aware of opportunities to rescue dogs from shelters, help an independent team transport an individual animal, or see animals receive medical care where funds are not readily available.

In Jonny White's words "every animal life is as valuable as any human life and the chance to save or protect any single animal should not be overlooked”.


Guerrilla tactics would encourage artists to take action where they see the need with the support of MAAC. If you find a cause that you would like to support, MAAC will be more than happy to help facilitate your initiative. Maybe you’ve come across an operation to rescue dogs from a  puppy mill or help a rescued lion that needs immediate medical care, We will do what we can to help you raise money for your cause.