Travel With MAAC

Travel with MAAC is an opportunity for individuals to get hands on with wildlife conservation and to gain a deeper understanding of the current climate guided by leading conservationists. Whether it be radio collaring a lion or tiger, notching a rhino, or camera trapping snow leopards, the participants support will aid in collecting valuable research data to support the local ecosystem, as well as help to keep the animals accounted for and safe from poaching.


FEATURING co-founder Jonny White - Through MAAC Jonny funded and participated in important rhino conservation work on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. 


With 50% of the world’s population living in urban areas, it may be that we are losing our connection with the natural world. It is the mission of M.A.A.C. to create opportunities for artists to travel and experience conservation for themselves in order to have a deeper connection with wildlife and an understanding of how to conserve what its left of these diminishing populations.

Travelling with responsible operators is the absolute solution to elevating the wildlife’s worth. A study has recently shown that a single Tigress in Ranthambore, India, generated USD $ 100m in tourism revenue for parks, villagers and businesses over a single decade. The economics is very simple; the benefits of nature tourism far outweigh the collective earnings of the local poaching community, proving the locals that mega fauna are worth more alive than dead, thus saving their body parts from the markets of China and Vietnam.

Potential opportunities include collaring big cats in Asia, South America and Africa, aswell as rhino ear-notching missions and elephant orphan releases in Africa.

 If you are interested in funding or participating in this important work, please get in touch with us for any enquiries.