the founders

The founding members of MAAC bring together a unique mix of art, conservation, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and other experience




Co-Founder, Director

Jack Baucher's conservation roots began when he moved to Nepal in 2009 to study Nepali, language and work in a Himalayan village. Jack soon saw that locals were snaring the leopards in retaliation for livestock kills and trading their skins to Tibet, diminishing the animal’s population. Along with witnessing the simplicity and frugality of life of the local Nepali people, Jack saw the impact of humanity on indigenous wildlife throughout the hillside and river valleys, becoming conservation obsessed.

Jack continued his conservational focus and lived in Asia for 5 years. Learning the relevant field skills to become an accomplished conservationist: tracking tigers, guiding botanists, working with mahouts and domesticated elephants, fine tuning the art of camera trapping snow leopards, studying scats with analysis to determine prey species, maintaining habitat and grasslands for sufficient herbivore densities, interacting and living with communities, and working with government officials to enable effective national park management.

With his years of field experience, Jack now owns and operates the specialized travel agency and tour operation Tears for Tigers - Travel & Consultancy, which introduces donors and clients to the best conservation practices across the globe, offering clients an opportunity to engage in conservation and become hands on about the realities to saving endangered wildlife from extinction.



Co-Founder, Director

Art Department, the infamous electronic music act, has seen almost unparalleled success within the world of dance music in recent years. Canadian Jonny White, acting Head of No.19 Music, is now the lone force behind the influential project that began as a collaborative effort with longtime friend Kenny Glasgow in 2009. The prolific producer’s original style landed AD at the forefront of a major underground music movement, transcending genre barriers and breaking down walls as few other underground artists have.

Over the years, Art Department’s body of work has received widespread acclaim. From their impressive debut album “The Drawing Board”, the vinyl only imprints Social Experiment Records and Sunday Money Music to the latest edition of the Renaissance Mix Collection released by Jonny back in October 2016, Jonny continues to push his own creative boundaries, collaborating with other vanguards of underground music.

Jonny also spearheads Social Experiment, a brand of highly successful No.19 Music record label showcases that have been one of the most in-demand events around the world. It’s become a staple for all major night clubs and festivals, from fabric to Panorama Bar and DC-10, with the next showcases set to be at Sónar Festival in Barcelona and Watergate, Berlin.

Today, Jonny pours his efforts into wildlife conservation, merging his musical endeavours with this project to raise much-needed awareness and funds for MAAC.



Co-Founder, Director

With tenacity, passion and collaborative nature, Wade Cawood prides himself on his ability to recognize an opportunity at its earliest inception, while embracing diversification in an ever-fragmenting, exciting time for the industry. Add to this a global network spanning 5 continents, numerous major events, commercial partnerships and millions of page impressions, Cawood’s multi-faceted businesses are on the rise. And his undeniable entrepreneurial talent, a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge and ground-up experience position him as an influential thought-leader in the electronic dance music industry.




Shannon Mack

Partner, Administrative

With 20 years of experience working alongside top CEO’s and influential leaders, Shannon has gained a wealth of experience and understanding within the corporate world as well as with grass roots companies. Her all access pass to the inner workings of a business provides the valuable knowledge required to assist with the organization, communication and problem solving side of an organization. This, coupled with her passion and love for animals along with her dedication to the fight against animal cruelty is what drives Shannon to give her all to this cause.



Partner, Creative Director

Kirsten Brophy is a Canadian born artist and wildlife guide, currently operating as a FGASA qualified Safari Guide. She specializes in wilderness experiences throughout Southern & East Africa, as well as offering her services to a select group of exclusive Travel Management Operators. In her creative field, she works as both an independent artist and a freelance designer having showcased her artwork in galleries in Toronto, Los Angeles, Cannes, and at Art Basel (‘15, ‘16). She is also one of the founding members of The Nile Culture, a creative agency highlighting global issues through art. with which, 2017 saw the successful launch of an event showcasing collaborations with international artists such as Roger Ballen, Oejerum, Jesse Draxler and Mahlimae, in support of rhino conservation.



Partner, Ambassador Communications

With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, Amal brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role. Having worked within different areas of creative projects and companies, she has a diverse set of skills and strong organisational skills that have allowed her to be successful in arranging launches and helping with various artists’ projects. Amal is determined and energetic, and works well within a team.